Dione, extracted from our own quarry, is a natural translucent stone of warmth and comfort. It has a fainted creamy-white base subtly marked by soft white streaks. The usage of this marble allows to conjugate the perpetual and the modern. As if it was cotton, this natural stone brings freshness, sobriety, and elegance in equal parts. Ideal candidate for exterior projects.The irregular aesthetics of this natural stone breaks the light’s uniformity, alternating in the same slab opaque fragments to large, beautifully translucent surfaces. Ideal for creating exceptional backlights and visual impacts on any project.

Apparent Density (DIN 52102 / ASTM C-97 / EN 1936): 2.770 kg/m3
Open Porosity (DIN 52102 / EN 1936): 0,4 % vol.
Water Absorption (DIN 52103 / ASTM C-97 / EN 13755): 0,2 % wt
Abrasion resistance (EN 14157 – Method B) 16 cm3 / 50 cm2
Compressive Strength (DIN 52105 / ASATM C-170 / EN 1926): 149 Mpa
Flexural Strength (DIN 52112 / EN 12372 / ASTM C-99 modulus of Rupture): 14,1 Mpa
Flexural strength after 48 freeze-thaw cycles (ΕΝ 12371 & ΕΝ 12372): 15,9 Mpa
Friction Wear (DIN 52108): 2,13 mm



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