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MOSCHOU S.A. Marmi Graniti is one of the most dynamic companies in the marble business. With an impressive legacy of 43 years in the field, it remains a family-led enterprise, now guided by the second generation. Reaffirming its commitment to excellence and recognized for its expertise in marble processing, the company has taken a significant step towards vertical integration by obtaining two quarries in recent years.

Moschou S.A. specializes in the complete spectrum of activities related to marble, including extraction, processing, and trading. A crucial element contributing to the company’s success is its extensive worldwide network. Apart from its own quarries, the company has strategically collaborated with manufacturers and quarry proprietors across the globe, guaranteeing a broad selection of natural stone options, with continuous availability, and timely delivery.

The company’s private factory set in a 75-acre area with large stockyards is located in Vasiloudi (Thessaloniki region), in Greece. With exports accounting for over 90% of its sales, Moschou S.A. has established a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. The success story of the company can be attributed to its outward-looking perspective, technical expertise, and continuous investments.

Moschou S.A.’s core strength resides in its holistic approach and profound expertise spanning the entire marble production process. A thorough understanding of the raw material is crucial in the selection of a natural stone. This comprehensive perspective enables the company to offer continuous support to its customers throughout every phase of their projects. Moschou’s commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of marble adheres to the highest quality standards!

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