Formed by high temperatures and pressures deep inside the earth, Ajax Classic is a tough and durable dolomitic marble. Sourced from the heart of Greece, this exquisite marble adds timeless allure to any space. Its soft white creamy base adorned by light grey and subtle ivory and gold waves resemble the movement of the sea foam. Available in blocks, slabs, tiles, and cut-to-size options, Ajax Classic is an excellent choice for interior projects. Its warm tones effortlessly complement various design styles, from minimalistic and bold to classical and theatrical, making it a versatile choice for any design concept. Ideal for bookmatching applications.



Compressive strength (Dry condition): 174 MPa
Compressive strength (Wet condition): 169 MPa
Flexural strength (Dry condition): 11.5 MPa
Flexural strength (Wet condition): 11.6 MPa
Water absorption: 0.17 %
Bulk Density: 2.83 g / cm3
Shore hardness 58.0

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