Extracted from Africa, Calacatta Ango is an exceptional white translucent marble. With its bright white allure, it captures and enhances natural light, creating spaces that feel open and inviting. Primarily grey veins and streaks with subtle hints of gold lines harmoniously blend to bring a touch of luxury to your designs. The dramatic veining patterns add depth and character, making Calacatta Ango the perfect choice for interior applications that demand elegance and distinction. Calacatta Ango is commonly used in book-matched applications creating a symmetrical pattern, resulting in a visually striking effect. A reminder of the elegance of classic designs, this marble stands the test of time.



Apparent Density (DIN 52102 / ASTM C-97 / EN 1936): 2,876 kg / m3
Water Absorption (DIN 52103 / ASTM C-97 / EN 13755): 0.11 % wt
Compressive Strength (DIN 52105 / ASATM C-170 / EN 1926): 156 MPa
Flexural Strength (DIN 52112 / EN 12372 / ASTM C-99 modulus of Rupture): 16.4 MPa
Abrasion resistance: 4.96 mm