Superior is a white marble graced by diagonal light grey veins, adding a timeless touch of sophistication and warmth to any space. It is a superb choice, ideal for every indoor or outdoor application. Shaped by the skilled hands of Moschou S.A., Superior isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a promise of quality and endurance. From blocks to custom configurations, architects and designers have the freedom to shape their visions in any project. Commonly used in book-matched applications, this unique natural stone creates visually striking symmetrical patterns. Superior proves that luxury isn’t exclusive to high-end selections.




Apparent Density (DIN 52102 / ASTM C-97 / EN 1936): 2,840 kg / m3
Open Porosity (DIN 52102 / EN 1936): 0.52 % vol
Water Absorption (DIN 52103 / ASTM C-97 / EN 13755): 0.14 % wt
Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity (DIN 1048 Teil 5):
Compressive Strength (DIN 52105 / ASATM C-170 / EN 1926): 175.62 MPa
Flexural Strength (DIN 52112 / EN 12372 / ASTM C-99 modulus of Rupture): 14.37 Mpa
Friction Wear (DIN 52108):
Impact Strength (UNI-U / rupture energy EN 14158): 5 joule

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