Extracted from the homonymous village in Drama Greece, Volakas marble is one of the most identifiable Greek white marbles. Its creamy white base with captivating grey-light brown veining creates a visually stunning atmosphere. Modern and elegant, Volakas offers a versatile option for both interior and exterior spaces. Ideal for bookmatching applications. Its beauty makes it a timeless choice for those seeking sophistication and elegance. Available in slabs, blocks, or tiles and a lot of selections.



Apparent Density (DIN 52102 / ASTM C-97 / EN 1936): 2,825 kg / m3
Water Absorption (DIN 52103 / ASTM C-97 / EN 13755): 0.19% wt
Compressive Strength (DIN 52105 / ASATM C-170 / EN 1926): 139 Mpa
Flexural Strength (DIN 52112 / EN 12372 / ASTM C-99 modulus of Rupture): 10 Mpa
Friction Wear (DIN 52108): 2.13 mm

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