Extracted from Africa, Blanc Phos is a chic white translucent marble. Its elegant white appearance with soft ivory veining adds a touch of class and finesse to indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and walls. Blanc Phos is a prestigious and durable natural stone, that gives the sense of light coming out of it. The contrasting properties of its robustness and soft veining make it a versatile and attractive option for those seeking a luxurious touch in their designs. One of the finest natural stones worldwide, exclusively provided by Moschou S.A.



Apparent Density (DIN 52102 / ASTM C-97 / EN 1936): 2,876 kg / m3
Water Absorption (DIN 52103 / ASTM C-97 / EN 13755): 0.11 % wt
Compressive Strength (DIN 52105 / ASATM C-170 / EN 1926): 156 MPa
Flexural Strength (DIN 52112 / EN 12372 / ASTM C-99 modulus of Rupture): 16.4 MPa
Abrasion resistance: 4.96 mm
Porosity: 0.20%